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Apples utpressning mot tredjepartsutvecklare

Gänget bakom Protonmail har ett och annat att säga om Apples utpressning mot tredjepartsutvecklande och gullande med auktoritära regimer:

Last week, the European Commission announced, in response to a complaint filed by Spotify, that it would be opening an investigation into Apple’s App Store practices, which potentially constitutes an illegal breach of EU competition laws. At Proton, we applaud this decision, and also Spotify’s bravery in bringing this complaint in the first place.

Following years of advertising itself as a company that puts users first, Apple has increasingly aligned itself with oppressive governments and curtailed digital freedom. There was a time when Apple portrayed itself as a rebellious alternative to giants like Microsoft. Today, Apple has become a monopoly, crushing potential competitors with exploitative fees and conducting censorship on behalf of dictators.

American tech giants have long engaged in abusive behavior which is designed to stifle dissent and competition, and perpetuate their market dominance. We know this because we have quietly tolerated this exploitation for years. And like many others, we have long hesitated to speak out for fear that these tech giants may abuse their market dominance to destroy all who dare to stand up against them.

Med tanke på att Tim Cook satt och ljög så hans tunga borde blivit blå här om dagen så har han inte direkt stärkt sina aktier i min bok. Apple var sannerligen inga änglar under Jobs ledarskap men jag har en känsla av att Apple under Cook är mer business och mindre magkänsla än förr.