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Gör det bästa av det

Oskar Wickström:

Remote work is thus a huge enabler for prolonged focus and productivity in my life. Working from home, I’m able to get into the zone. This is something that never happens in a big open-plan office. I may get work done, but I’m not nearly as focused as when I’m alone.

Working remotely also supports the way of life I prefer. There’s a myriad of possibilities opening up when you go remote. However, I’ll save those for another day.

You might be in a remote-working situation for other reasons, perhaps because of COVID-19. It might be temporary, something you get through, and long back for normal co-located work. Or you might be in this for the long run. Whatever your situation, if you are working remotely, fully or partly, why not make the best of it?

Ytterst läsvärd text i dessa jobba-hemma-tider.