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Mozilla sparkar 250 anställda


The Mozilla Corporation said it had “over 1,000” full-time employees as of 2018, meaning this round of cuts will leave nearly a quarter of its current workforce out of a job.

“We are reducing the size of the MoCo workforce by approximately 250 roles, including closing our current operations in Taipei, Taiwan. Another 60 or so people will change teams. The people who are included in the reduction are both true Mozillians, and professionals with high degrees of skill and expertise and commitment. This action is not in any way – not, not, not – a reflection on personal or professional qualities,” Baker wrote in the email to employees.

All laid-off employees will continue to receive “at least” their base salary and health benefits through the end of the year, as well as bonuses, according to the letter. Mozilla also plans to post an optional “talent directory” on August 17 to help those who lost their jobs find new employment, should they choose to take part.

Verkligen inte goda nyheter, i synnerhet inte med tanke på vilka enorma framsteg som Mozilla gjort med Firefox det senaste året. Firefox är numera min primära webbläsare på alla plattformar.