Elon Musk köper inte Twitter trots allt

12 Jul 2022

Fail Whale

Matt Levine:

Still, one should remain open to the possibility that he was kidding when he first signed the deal. “Elon Musk had a well-thought-out business and financial plan for Twitter that worked in the economic conditions of early April 2022, but conditions have changed and the model no longer works” does not strike me as the most plausible description of what is going on here. “Elon Musk whimsically thought it might be fun to own Twitter, so he signed a merger agreement without taking it too seriously and then lost interest a week later” feels more true to the situation. My first reaction to his proposal to buy Twitter, that it was a joke, may have been the correct one. He was just a lot more committed to the bit than I expected.

På många sätt är detta det bästa sättet denna affär kunde slutat på. Musk får sig en påminnelse om den verklighet han annars inte tycks tillbringa nämnvärt mycket tid i, Twitters ägare får sig en påminnelse om varför de kanske inte skulle ha investerat i bolaget från första början, och resten av världen kan fortsätta använda Twitter som vanligt (och slippa vissa orange-färgade köttsäckars närvaro).

(via John Gruber)